Filmzeit International 2021

Jury Award

MIGRANTS | FR 2020 | Animationed film by Zoé Devise, Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak and Lucas Lermytte

The Jury's statement:

The animated film MIGRANTS links two of the most important problem areas of our time that are closely related: the climate catastrophe and global migration. The supposedly childlike approach of telling the story through animated stuffed animals dissolves into harsh reality via the final image of the film. The jury especially appreciates the skilled animation. However, we find the film music too kitschy. Even if the overall dramaturgy convinces us, the development of the characters could have been more differentiated. After a long controversial discussion, we nevertheless decided with a light heart in favour of MIGRANTS.

Audience Award

MY MIRROR | IN 2020 | Experimental film by Jayakrishnan Subramanian and Franziska Schönenberger

Lonely newlywed Mythili receives the longed-for attention from another user with her singing videos in an interactive app, which her husband Ramesh, who works abroad, can't give her. When he discovers this double life and confronts her, devastated Mythili shoots a video of her own suicide. Based on true events.

» Greetings from the directors on YouTube (in German)

Musikfilmzeit 2021


ÉCOUTE-MOI (LISTEN TO ME) | FR 2020 | by François Hoskovec

The jury's statement:

ÉCOUTE-MOI manages to touch the viewer in a magical way. The film tells the story of a deaf young man who, despite his mute world, falls under the spell of music and is drawn to a woman by the universal power of vibration.

The unusual sound, the sensitive camera, and the performance make the film a very special work. Director François Hoskovec allows us to immerse ourselves for a short time in the silent world of being deaf.

Overall, ÉCOUTE-MOI impresses with its coherent realisation and great sensitivity.

Audience Award Music Film

DAS PROBESPIEL | AT 2019 | Feature film by Guy Lichtenstein

Sarah, a young and talented cellist, plays with a string quartet at private events to earn a living. At one such wedding she meets her ex-boyfriend again. He is the groom. Sarah remembers their shared past and uncovers for the viewer what remains invisible to the groom. A film about decisions in career and private life, told in flashbacks.