filmzeitkaufbeuren – the Allgäuer Autorenfilmfestival

"filmzeitkaufbeuren" is an independent authors' film festival that is deliberately not fixed on any particular genre, theme or format. Feature films and documentaries, animations, art and experimental films are presented.

Launched in 2008 in the medieval city of Kaufbeuren, filmzeitkaufbeuren has established itself in Germany and beyond as a small, fine festival with a top-class jury in a special location in the Allgäu, close to the castle of Neuschwanstein. In 2020, the festival celebrated its premiere as filmzeitallgäu on other locations. In Kempten the international competition takes place, and in Immenstadt the musikfilmzeit, a new competition for music and dance films is held.

With contributions at a consistently high level, sometimes intellectual, sometimes serious, sometimes funny, provocative or weird, but always moving and profound, the team would like to stimulate the dialogue on socio-political influence through the medium of film.