19 September: Grand opening of filmzeitallgäu in Kempten with filmzeit-Mix.
20-23 September: Filmzeit International in Kempten
22/23 September: Musikfilmzeit in Immenstadt

Premiere in Kaufbeuren: 26 September with the competition for the Democracy Award.


With funding by the Beisheim Foundation we have put together an additional digital programme, available for the entire duration of the festival from 19 September to 3 October.

  • For schools in the region with students between 14 and 18 years who do not have the opportunity to visit our festival theatres
  • For senior citizens and retirement homes in the Allgäu, for whom we put together a custom-made programme, called Silberfilmzeit
  • and for all newcomers to the festival and for the ones who are cautious, we have put together a cross-section of all competitions


Ticket sales for the respective events in the cinemas directly or online via the Colosseum Center in Kempten, the Union-Filmtheater in Immenstadt and the Corona Kinoplex in Kaufbeuren.

Tickets for our on-line programme via Digitalfilmzeit and Silberfilmzeit on the filmzeitkaufbeuren website.


Blasi, the solid filmzeit trophy for the main and the international competition has had offsprings. With the prize money for the Musikfilmzeit and the two audience awards in Kempten and Immenstadt, small Blasis will be awarded for the first time.